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Honey shop

In addition to our production, we sell many other qualities of selected honey from our colleagues.

Creamy honey Liquid honey
Honey of scrubland of France
Honey of lavender and Flowers of France
Honey all flowers
Honey of lavender

Discovery and tasty boxes
Honey of lavender of Provence
Honey of lavender of Provence
Honey all flowers of Provence
Honey fir tree of France
Honey rosemary
Honey acacia of France
Honey lime of France
Honey chestnut of France

We also distribute many products "Wellness and Nutrition", Conditioner, energy, selected from our colleagues.

Energizing products Goodies with honey
Royal jelly
Freeze-dried royal jelly
Honey in Ginseng
Nougats with honey
Honey drops...
Gingerbread to Honey
Chew with Honey
Lollipops punts with Honey
Well-being with honey Hive wax
The wax
Encaustic with beeswax
The beauty cream Many ideas
Essential oils
Royal Lily
Royal Princess
Royal Glare
Freezing shower
Soap with honey ...
Etc ...
Bear pot with honey inside
Pots guard hair Moustier decorations
Sachets of flowers of lavender
Dolly fill with lavender flowers
Discovery and tasty boxes

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