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There is a large variety of honeys with different savours. There is not doubt that you will find among them, the one that which best flattery your taste.
Integrate Honey in your daily feeding, on slices of bread with the breakfast or with the dessert. You can use it in systematic replacement of white sugar to sweeten all cold or hot drinks, particularly the infusions.

Significant remark: It is rare, in nature, to be able to obtain a honey 100%  of  just one kind of  flower, it thus acts always principal honey in source of the variety indicated.

Red label :
The honey of lavender is Recognized by the consumers like one of the best of the world. Certain variety of our Honey are produced and conditioned with the respect of the Red label.  Red label is a guarantee of origin, purity, quality, and savour. In Provence, we are all the more proud of this distinction that our honeys are produced in our area, on the highlands full of sun (click here for more information).


Creamy honeys

Depending on honeys and on years, certain honeys Crystallize with coarse grains. To avoid that this phenomena occurs and to obtain a fine crystallisation, we carry out a cold malaxation of the product with a scraped surface exchanger machine. This process does not deteriorate the qualities and the properties of honey and improves its consistency.
This controlled crystallisation gives a creamy consistency to honey, which gives it a savour in mouth very subtle. Moreover, honey does not run any more at the time one uses it with a spoon or a knife.

Lavender honey
Lavender honey from Provence
Lavender and flowers of France honey
All flowers of Provence honey
Garrigue honey
All flowers honey
Sun honey

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Liquid honeys

The majority of honeys are liquid at the harvest time and crytallise in a more or less long term, except the honey of acacia and the honey of fir tree.
This phenomenon explains why some honeys remain permanently consistent, whereas others will be solidified and crystallized with a size of grain which can go until the size of the granulated sugar.
For the other varieties, in order they remain liquid, it is enough to pasteurise them.
This process of pasteurization makes possible to preserve all the properties of honey and its content of vitamins.

It should be noted that another way to obtain liquid honey, at a lower cost, consists in heating it with more than 50 Celcius. Such a honey will remain permanently liquid, but this processing will have destroyed its vitamins.

Lavender honey of Provence
Lavender honey of Provence
Lavender and France's flowers honey
All flowers of Provence honey
Sun honey
Fir tree honey
Rosemary honey
Acacia honey from France
Lime tree honey from France
Chestnut honey from France

Discovery small box and Tasting small box

4 x 120 ou 250g
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