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As in much of companies, the Quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers are one of our major priorities.
To this end, the Chailan company established a quality system allowing to apply the Red Label and the HACCP to its productions.

The Red Label, is a guarantee for the consumer of higher quality of the product. It relates to the origin, the purity, manufacture, and gustatory quality.
Our Red Label honeys were certified and the application of our specifications controlled. The certified control organisation which check us is QUALISUD - BP - 47000 AGEN - Homologation nr LA-24-89.

To obtain the red Label, a product must satisfy the following requirements :

To be the subject of a collective and voluntary step from the company.
Obey in specifications which goes further than the simple observance of the regulation applied to the ordinary "products".
To be checked by a third party (an official organisations approved by interministerial decree).
To be identifiable by a reserved vocabulary, a logo or a mention, beforehand authorized by the Public authorities.

To know some more about the Red Label , some interesting links: www.rhone-alpes-foods.com, www.cidil.fr


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Since 1998 the "Miellerie CHAILAN" set up in the company a step quality according to method HACCP.

For this purpose, and in addition to the steps of quality imposed by the method, we have created a specific test laboratory in our buildings.
This laboratory enables us to make the main tests on the honeys.(humidity, HMF, Pollen, etc...).
We work in collaboration with public or private laboratories for the more complex analyses.
The whole of the staff of the company CHAILAN had followed a training course about hygiene.

To know some more,
France, according to the European Commission directives, decided to make applicable (in January 1996) the directive 93/43/CEE on" the hygiene of the foodstuffs ". For this, two decrees were published: decree of May 9, 1995 and the decree of September 29, 1997.

Extracts of these decrees :

" The company manager takes care that the people called to work in the buildings in which circulate foodstuffs, follow precise instructions. "...

" Persons in charge of the establishments must carry out of regular self-checking. To establish the nature and the periodicity of these self-checks, they must identify any aspect of their activity which is determining for the healthiness of food and takecare that written procedures of security suitable are established, implemented, respected and updated according to the principles used to develop the system HACCP."

" The procedures written and used (rules of hygiene complied with in the establishment) must be make available for the administrations of control. It is the same case for the recordings of controls, (i.e. written reports/ratios)."

To know some more about method HACCP,  we appreciated the following web site: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/mathieu.laureau

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