- Bee-keeping in Provence -


The Chailan family gathers honey since three generations, putting the tradition, passion and the experiment with the service of quality.
Discover a complete range of natural products at really attractive prices and more than competitive.
We are sure that you will be charmed, as the very many holiday-makers in love with nature, who do not hesitate to visit  accurately our apiary of the High-Verdon. For more information on our valley click on this link .

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Honey, substance sweetened and scented produced from the nectar of the flowers, fit marvellously with your slices of bread, yoghurts, infusions, hot milk, the fruits, the cereals...
In addition to the gustatory pleasure, Honey is recognized for its curative properties.
Initially the burning, tender and serene light, and then the great limpid blue of a pure sky. Add the Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, the cultivated song of the cicadas under full midday without forgetting the incessant work of the marvellous bees.
Recognized for their qualities and his artisanal manufacture, Chailan honeys are appreciated in the whole world.

Just like the sheep, the bees transhunent, from the wild hills of Esterel during the winter, to the sources of Verdon in springtime, and to the lavenders of High Provence in summer.

The Honey harvest of lavender begins in August, just on the end of flowering, for approximately two months.

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In spring, the young Fertilized queens fly away followed by part of the workers. They land for a few hours on the first found support. A new colony is born. The beekeeper must be present in order to give them a new roof.

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