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You can see our installation of conditioning at Château-Garnier.

Visite de la ruche
After the visit of the installations, we will make you explore the inside of a hive and that in a full safety as you can note it. Will you see the queen ?

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We have more than 800 hives in swarming time which we visit and maintain regularly.

We move our hives, from Esterel to the valley of Verdon and then on the plateau of Valensole.

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To be able to place our hives in the most adapted places, we prepare sites with a mini mechanical shovel.

The extraction and the filtering of honey are carried with traditional methods.

Some honeys Crystallize with coarse grains. To avoid these phenomena and to obtain a fine crystallisation, we proceed to a cold malaxation of the product with a scraped surfaces exchanger. This process does not deteriorate any qualities and properties of honey and it improves its consistency and its smoothness.

The pasteurisation: Honey of acacia and of firtree stay naturally liquid. The other varieties of honey, although liquids at the harvest time, Crystallize in the more or less long term. For these varieties, a process of pasteurisation makes it possible to preserve them liquids.

Our installations of conditioning fill up to 3000 pots/hour under perfect conditions of hygiene.
The date of validity and the tape of inviolability are automatically affixed on the pots.

The conditioning of honey within tubes requires a specific installation.

We permanently store 200 tons of honey in a cooled room (+5°Celcius).

To identify our honeys and to determine their purity we have a test laboratory.

Our production enables us to carry out wholesale deliveries anywhere in France and abroad.
Our sales network extends from the private person to the department store while passing by the mail order business.

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